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Perrin C. Smith loves words. Big or small—they all serve a purpose to her. Perrin especially loves to use these words to write about queerness and the difficulty of forging your own identity in the South. She combines words (big and small) into short stories, memoirs, and essays. Sometimes, she writes for brands and turns words into advertisements and copy.

People have said they love Perrin's words, too. So she's proud to have been published in Oxford AmericanSavannah MagazinePort City Review, and Thom, among others. 

In March 2023, Perrin got a degree that says her words are good enough to earn manga cum laude—old words that mean "with great praise." She figures that means that some of her words make sense. Now, prepare yourself for a long stretch of words: Along the way, she was the Editor-in-Chief at Square 95 and District, a Jeff Baskin Editorial Intern at Oxford American, and most recently an Intern at Encircle, where her words find purpose within the queer community.


Fun Fact: Perrin loves to be outside (usually thinking of words to write when she has to come back inside). Most recently, she hiked 200 miles on the Appalachian Trail. There, she got lots of blisters and used many words her mother would be disappointed to hear.

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