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Kydella Wellness

For this project, I worked as the lead copywriter, partnering with the brand's founder, Kristina McCaw, to craft Kydella's identity and product line. As a start-up, the brand lacked a cohesive voice. We began with the previously created visual aesthetic and formed a written identity focusing on inclusive language, simplified medical terminology, and relatability without alienating older consumers.

To scroll through all the words I created for Kydella Wellness, click here.

District and Square 95

This project consisted of a total rebrand of my university newspaper and magazine's visual identity and brand voice. As the chief social media strategist, I worked on revitalizing the publications' voices on Instagram, Spotify, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Captions were written to prioritize the student body by becoming more explanatory while maintaining journalistic integrity and modern verbiage. Posts were crafted to tease viewers and solicit higher engagement and more site views. In two months, the account had doubled both.

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