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Oxford American

I was the Jeff Baskin Editorial Intern for two issues of Oxford American—The Southern Lit Issue and the Southern Music Issue. Over these two issues, I worked as a fact-checker and copy editor, as well as a top editor on the editor's letter.


I was the top editor on this story:

"A Belief in Birds," by Danielle A. Jackson

I was the fact-checker on these stories, and more:

"Woamn, White," by S.J. Kim

"Slow Time," by Tim Grieving

"Overnight Scenario," by Karen Good Marable

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Fall Issue: I was the editor-in-chief for this issue of Square 95. Together, my team and I chose the theme of Identity and worked with dozens of writers and artists to conceptualize what our myriad definitions of identity might entail. 

Here are two stories from this issue:

Ka'Dia Dhatnubia, "Rainbow Roots in Black Midnight"

David Dufour, "Escape from the Lodge of Sorrows"

Spring Issue: As the deputy editor, I acted as the lead editor on this issue and managed a team of copy editors. I led a total rebrand, focusing on literary stories and diving deeper into ideas our peers had, doubling our readership.

Here are two stories from this issue:

TJ Laggis, "Following the Footpaths"

Ka'Dia Dhatnubia, "The Art of Snakes and Disregarding Fear"

Square 95
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